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Customer Experience and COVID-19; Catching our Breath

Consumer behavior has changed forever, on that point almost everyone agrees. Brands are being forced to adapt their marketing …

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How to Maximize Customer Experience with Journey Maps – and Why So Many Companies Don’t

Lots of companies now use journey maps to understand and improve the customer experience. Problem is, they don’t use …

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How Blockchain is shaping Customer Experience

2017 was a year that ushered in several new words into our vocabulary … fake news, fidget spinners, and …

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Why Organization Wide Engagement is Key to Your CX Journey—and How to Get It

It takes a village, right? Well, maybe not exactly a village, but it’s no secret that anything pertaining to …

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Getting Started with Journey Analytics

Journey Analytics is an upcoming trend of opportunity for CX Professionals to gain valuable insights into the customer experience. …

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