Anchor Your Digital Transformation Strategy To Customer Experience

As you well know, digital disruption is here, and with it there is enormous potential to engage new and existing customers. It’s not easy, though, to keep up with the pace of change — in technology or customers’ expectations. Which is all the more reason to position your company so it can adapt and find new success.


We at Andrew Reise Consulting believe in anchoring any digital transformation strategy to customer experience. It’s the best way to identify true customer needs and business value. Last year, we put that approach to work with two of our clients. It is important that the CIO and CMO are working together to move your digital transformation forward, and they recognize that constant changes in technology make iterative road maps essential to the continual evolution of your business.


To help stir up your thoughts on digital transformation, we’re offering a recent report from Forrester Research — “Predictions 2015: Digital Business Transformation Will Gain Critical” Mass (Forrester Research, Inc., November 2014). The report’s author, VP and Principal Analyst Martin Gill, describes Forrester’s digital business predictions for 2015 and summarizes critical steps to drive digital transformation.


Download a complimentary copy of this Forrester Research report.

Andy Mattox
Andy Mattox

Andy is a Partner and VP of Marketing and Operations at Andrew Reise Consulting. Over the past 17 years, Andy has worked closely with several Fortune 500 companies to either gain a strategic competitive advantage in the marketplace or significantly reduce operational expenses. Andy has an extensive program and project management background and typically leads efforts that are cross-functional in nature and strategically important to the business.