Woman wearing a face mask and gloves pushing her cart down a grocery isle

Omni-channel customer experience and COVID-19; Catching Our Breath

Consumer behavior has changed forever, on that point almost everyone agrees. Brands are being forced to adapt their marketing and touch points real time. We first saw this with the messaging from nearly every company that had some version of “it’s going to be okay”,...

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Woman sitting at a table in a coffee shop looking at her tablet

How Blockchain is shaping Customer Experience

2017 was a year that ushered in several new words into our vocabulary … fake news, fidget spinners, and of course … Bitcoin. While we will intentionally avoid discussion on fake news, Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies definitely have our attention. We’ve been fortunate enough to...

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Two women having a meeting at a coffee shop

Why Customer Personas Work and How to Use Them

Discover credit cards has a series of commercials where the people calling customer service are talking with a mirror image of themselves. The commercials all end with the tagline “We treat you like you'd treat you,” and they perfectly capture the value of personas, which...

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Woman illustrating a concept for her coworkers using a clear dry erase board

The Single Most Important Element to Improve Customer Experience (CX)

What is the single most important thing I can do to move the needle on our customer experience (CX)? It’s a question clients frequently ask us. It’s also one that is likely best answered with more questions. For starters, are you looking for a CX revolution...

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A customer experience team of four conducting a meeting in a conference room

Put Your Customers First with These Customer Experience (CX) Tools

Is your marketing making promises that your customer experience (CX) doesn’t deliver? Aligning your CX, brand and marketing is an effective way to differentiate your business from the majority that send mixed messages. That dissonance confuses and frustrates customers.   Departmental silos are a major culprit, according...

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