A customer experience team of four conducting a meeting in a conference room

Put Your Customers First with These Customer Experience (CX) Tools

Is your marketing making promises that your customer experience (CX) doesn’t deliver? Aligning your CX, brand and marketing is an effective way to differentiate your business from the majority that send mixed messages. That dissonance confuses and frustrates customers.   Departmental silos are a major culprit, according...

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A group of people sitting in a close circle in an office having a discussion

Why Quantitative Surveys Fall Short When it Comes to Customer Experience (CX)

What do your customers really want? Finding out isn’t just a matter of asking via surveys. It’s about asking the right questions – something that Forrester Research says most companies fail to do. Take quantitative surveys, the No. 1 tool that organizations use when developing customer...

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Woman illustrating a concept for her coworkers using a clear dry erase board

The 3 Tiers of Customer Experience Journey Mapping

The words “Journey Maps” have become standard customer experience terminology. But, why does it mean different things to different organizations. The practice of journey mapping is quite different based on whom you are talking to. We’ve broken down journey mapping to help you pick what’s...

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Where to Draw the Right Line in Your Customer Experience

How far behind the scenes of your operation should your customers see? It seems to be a simple question, but pondering it is an important step in providing a customer experience (CX) that keeps them coming back. It comes down to the "line of visibility." This...

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