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Case Study

Customer Experience Strategy

Executive Summary

Andrew Reise helped a nationwide electronic security services organization enhance the end-to-end omnichannel customer experience, improve customer retention, and amplify customer advocacy. The project used customer journey mapping, customer interviews, persona building, and customer experience (CX) analysis to weave together a full-scale customer experience strategy. These efforts helped upgrade onboarding, billing, customer support, add-on experiences, and the customer experience across the client’s full ecosystem. The project ultimately handed the client multilevel customer journey maps, updated personas, a targeted road map to opportunities, and a major surge in long-term revenue. 

Business Challenge

With consumer choices at historic highs, it’s not enough for companies to deliver status-quo customer experiences. To drive long-term customer growth, companies must peer into the customer’s journey at every touchpoint and eliminate as many moments of friction as possible. Consistent customer journey mapping and omnichannel CX analysis play a critical role in producing experiences that set brands apart from competitors. 

Our client was keeping up with customer expectations, but it wasn't wowing customers. Friction points within their customers’ e-commerce experiences were causing missed appointments, billing errors, scheduling difficulty, and other mistakes. Each error was eroding the brand and cutting off new revenue opportunities. Although the company felt it was providing experiences that were in line with customer experiences, it was failing to differentiate its brand’s CX reputation, and those unmet customer needs were dead-ending new growth opportunities. 

How Andrew Reise Helped

We developed a strategic overview that included a thorough analysis of pain points and opportunity areas. From there, we launched in-depth interviews with customers and used surveys to uncover their experience at every moment of their buyer’s journey. We then used all of our findings to craft personas, build out current-state and micro-journey customer maps, and design a full customer experience strategy.


Building a Full Customer Experience Strategy That Sets the Brand Apart


Uncovering Pain Points and Opportunities

To understand the customer’s experience, we started by conducting interviews and passing out customer surveys. In addition to deploying onboarding surveys, we also analyzed digital and call center data. We used this research to pinpoint customer pain points and create new personas.

Developing Personas

We used both primary and secondary research to section off different customer segments. Then we condensed that information into summaries and designed memorable individual personas that our client can use to empathize with its customers.

Mapping Out Customer Journeys

Once we painted a picture of typical customers and identified areas to improve the customer experience, we created customer journey maps. For this client, we built two types of mapping assets:

  1. Micro-journeys to analyze how customers interact with channels and touchpoints at specific journey stages
  2. A current-state journey map to visualize how customers experience the client’s offerings across its full product ecosystem

Creating Long-Term CX Excellence

To pass the baton to the client and empower it to build its reputation as a top-tier CX provider, we facilitated future-state workshops. We also prioritized CX-impacting initiatives to help the client continually track and improve the customer experience. 

Results Achieved

We designed a full customer experience strategy, including a road map of 39 opportunities that we ranked by impact and complexity. All told, the complete business case analysis will deliver an estimated $100 million—not including the wide potential for high net present value from the additional revenue streams the customer experience strategy opens. 

We Speak Customer

It’s a language we know very well. We’re Andrew Reise, a recognized global thought leader that specializes in improving both sides of the company/customer relationship. Our unique approach consists of our own methodology and a group of distinctly selected consultants who are all veterans in customer experience. Our process is proven, and our people boast a “do it all” no-nonsense approach and are empowered to do the right thing—even if that means going above and beyond the original scope of work.  

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