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Case Study

VoC Strategy Development

Designing an award winning VoC program

Executive Summary

Andrew Reise assisted a large BCBS health plan to develop an enterprise wide VoC program and evaluate technology providers to support their business needs. The project effort focused on evaluating current VoC capabilities and defining business requirements to assess technology vendors. These were used to gain cross functional alignment and develop the ideal future state. An RFP was conducted to assess and score several enterprise VoC vendors. This project provide our client with a VoC program roadmap, an enterprise VoC technology platform best suited to meet the business needs and allowed them to rationalize their existing vendors to reduce costs.

Business Challenge

More than ever, the experience drives customer decisions to purchase from, stay with or recommend a brand. It is imperative for companies to leverage customer feedback to gain new insights, respond to individual customers and inform future state experiences. Companies across all industries are investing in omni channel VoC strategy and technology solutions.

The current state of Voice of Consumer was disparate, disconnected and siloed across the company. Multiple survey vendors were being utilized which led to difficulty accessing data and insights, divergent reporting, and an antiquated survey experience. Not only were the channels separately gathering insights across various survey platforms, but we weren’t asking the right questions to reduce survey fatigue and yield insights to inform enterprise wide decision making and investments.

How Andrew Reise Helped

We leveraged our VoC capability maturity model to assess the current state and engaged a cross functional team to define future state VoC business requirements. Next, we developed a VoC program roadmap to deliver on future state and helped facilitate and score a VoC technology RFP. This enabled our client to execute on the CX strategy by solving for consumer hassles, designing for consumer needs, and fueling a company wide culture to improve customer experience.



Creating the Voice of the Customer Strategy


1. Define Current and Future State

The team understood the landscape of VoC vendors, unique surveys being conducted, the feedback tools that were being used and analyzed the data from disconnected listening.

The desired future state was documented across various VoC capabilities and benchmarked against industry competitors. This not only provided clarity on the gaps in the organization but structured the analysis with best in class customer experience capability scoring.

2. Develop Business and Technical Requirements

A critical part of the vendor selection process was to identify the most important business and technical requirements. These were collected through a series of workshops and interviews in order to distill the must have elements, not only of the software provider, but the VoC program as a whole. These were used as an input into the vendor scoring sheet to assess vendor capabilities.

3. Vendor Evaluation and Scoring

Evaluating vendors was more comprehensive than the typical RFP process. Our team took the effort to develop a vendor scoring model based on the desired end state of the VoC program, the needs of various business stakeholders, and the capabilities of the internal IT teams.

4. Define Business Case

After defining the VoC Program Future State, the team took considerations on how much effort would be required to move the organization to desired maturity. This was inclusive of the internal and external cost involved with moving from a channel specific solution where data was difficult to share to a solution with 360* consumer view. They key benefits were to reduce OpEx spend and deliver additional benefits such as:

  • Improved CX Metrics (CSAT, NPS, Ease)
  • Improved Retention
  • Improved Cross Team Collaboration
  • Deeper Insights into Data Gaps
  • Conducted Capability Maturity Assessment
  • Identified Initiatives & Strategic Themes
  • Developed Businesses Cases
  • Created a Strategic Roadmap

Results Achieved

Enterprise VoC Platform
2 M
In Cost Savings
VoC Initiatives
Qualtrics Customer Experience Breakthrough Artist Award

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