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Case Study

Digital Journey Maturation


Creating a voice of customer (VoC) strategy to master the Medicare shopping experience 

Executive Summary

A large healthcare insurance company asked Andrew Reise Consulting to help enhance its digital customers’ experiences. Our client already had online experiences in place, but it was concerned shoppers may be dropping off when they moved from one channel to the next. It also needed to identify new opportunities to increase conversions, find ways to encourage more renewals, and make upgrades that improved the Medicare shopping experience.

Our team analyzed existing data across our client’s digital channels and call center to pinpoint its biggest digital strengths and weaknesses. We then used that research to create a current state journey map detailing the Medicare shopping experience. Next, we developed micro-journeys based on the digital customer’s path, channel-switching habits, and failure points. Finally, we created a VoC strategy and designed a full digital CX roadmap equipped with action plans to perfect the digital customer’s journey.

Business Challenge

As competition increases within the healthcare insurance industry, more and more is riding on the digital experience. If digital customers struggle to switch between digital channels or can’t easily find what they’re looking for, they often become frustrated and churn. To impress customers and direct them to the services they want, insurance providers need to understand who their digital customers are, identify what they’re experiencing at each moment within the omnichannel experience, and design a digital journey that increases engagement.

Our client understood how important its digital experience was to customer loyalty, but it wasn’t securing conversions or renewals at the rates it wanted. Although it had existing digital customer data, it didn’t know what that data was saying about customers or their digital experience. All the while, customers were experiencing frustrating moments online that were causing them to leave.

How Andrew Reise Helped

We gathered and examined data that was spread across the call center and our client’s digital channels. Our team analyzed each customer touchpoint to determine which moments were exceeding customer experiences and identify failure points. We used that information to lay out a current state journey map that detailed what customers were experiencing, flagged weak spots, and highlighted opportunities throughout the Medicare shopping journey.

We also developed micro journeys that zoomed in on channel switching and specific friction points. Ultimately, we used these insights to create a digital CX roadmap that charted step-by-step action plans to improve experiences, convert more customers, and increase renewals.

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Designing a Digital CX Roadmap That Leads to More Loyal Customers


Bringing Personas to Life with a VoC Strategy

We conducted interviews and research to understand what Medicare customers wanted, how they acted, what they struggled with, and how to connect with them on a deeper level. We used that information to develop Medicare personas that our client could use to empathize with and better serve its customers. From there, we built a VoC strategy to help our client understand digital customers’ expectations—and exceed them.


Plotting a Current State Journey Map

Our team analyzed digital customer data across every point along the customer’s digital journey. We identified weak spots within the client’s digital experience, friction points, and opportunities to expand positive moments. Then we laid all of this information out for the client in a visual current state journey map.


Developing Micro-Journeys

To analyze digital customer experiences on an even more detailed level, we built micro-journeys that dove into two problem areas:

  • Channel switching
  • Specific failure points

These detailed journey maps revealed which moments were impacting customers most and what actions our client could take to fill gaps in the digital experience.


Paving the Way for Ongoing Digital Improvements

Our team pieced it all together in a full-scale digital CX roadmap. This visual guide provided 26 separate action plans our client could enact to solve customer pain points, capitalize on opportunities, and reach its ideal future state. We also prioritized each plan based on different criteria, so the client could choose the best course to take in order to accomplish its goals.


Building a Business Case and ROI

To secure buy-in from stakeholders and align the entire organization, we established a business case and ROI for each improvement effort. That also gave our client a tangible set of results to help it prioritize its efforts.

Results Achieved

With these insights, our client was able to identify and eliminate moments during channel switching that were frustrating customers. It can draw from 26 strategies to improve its digital experience, increase conversions, and raise renewals. It is also using Medicare personas and a current state Medicare shopping journey to seize high-ROI opportunities—and increase customer loyalty.

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