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Case Study

Speech Analytics

Using Contact Center Technology to Eliminate Customer Friction

Executive Summary

A large data analytics company asked Andrew Reise Consulting to help diagnose and resolve issues that were driving a high volume of consumer care calls. Although our client was already aware of several consumer challenges, they were struggling to identify their root causes—and they weren’t sure which concerns to prioritize. Our team deployed speech analytics to pinpoint the causes of customer pain points and identify how severe they really were. Ultimately, we used these insights to create step-by-step plans and guides to help agents tackle problems before they started.

Business Challenge

Many modern contact centers will draw in hoards of data from customer calls. But if they can’t piece together a clear story from that data, leaders can become overwhelmed. To understand the foundational issues dragging down customer experiences, and to identify what solutions are worth pursuing, businesses need to transform raw data into clear, actionable insights. 

Our client possessed plenty of data from client calls, and they were already aware of problem areas. More specifically, they realized their consumer disclosure reporting process was driving an unusually high number of calls. But they weren’t sure what was causing this customer friction. Because they couldn’t see underlying causes of customer issues during this sensitive disclosure process, they also didn’t know what course of action to prioritize—or what solutions to pursue.

How Andrew Reise Consulting Helped

We dove into the suspected pain points and mapped the customer’s journeys that led up to and followed each moment of friction. From there, we launched speech analytics to locate which issues were causing the most turmoil for customers at which steps of the customer journey. Next, we conducted a multilevel analysis to unearth the root causes of customer problems. Finally, we laid out strategic plans to prioritize and solve each issue.

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Activating Speech Analytics to Form a Clear Action Plan


Mapping Customer Journeys Around Pain Points

Our team worked with our client’s leaders to identify suspected pain points. From there, we plotted out journey maps that detailed the end-to-end process attached to each instance of friction. 

Using Speech Analytics to Diagnose High-Priority Problems 

We used speech analytics to identify patterns within call data. This technology helped locate what steps during the customer’s journey were sparking the most calls and causing consumer confusion. 

Conducting In-Depth Analysis to Nail Down Root Causes

Our team analyzed reports and examined insights to identify exactly what moments were triggering frustrations and frequent calls. By shedding light on these core issues, we were also able to determine which challenges our client needed to address most urgently.

Developing Action Plans to Address High-Priority Challenges

Once we identified which high-priority problems were plaguing customers, we laid out a set of action plans to help solve each issue. This included how-to guides and a full speech playbook to help agents prevent common problems—and deliver the right messages to the right customers.

Results Achieved

Ultimately, our team used speech analytics insights to create a speech playbook, along with several detailed guides to improve specific speech procedures. We also helped our client set up several reports, using Power BI to monitor speech data and identify ongoing customer concerns. With these tools in hand, they’re prepared to not only resolve their most pressing current customer concerns but also quickly identify—and eliminate—friction in the future. 


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