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Case Study

Voice of Customer NPS Program Overhaul Causes Credit Agency’s NPS Scores to Soar

Using speech analytics and a listening program to boost customer loyalty

Executive Summary

A large consumer credit reporting agency asked Andrew Reise to help raise its Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and develop a strategy to separate its brand from competitors. Our client wasn’t collecting the right customer data and didn’t have the right system in place to understand its Voice of Customer (VoC)—making it impossible for them to improve NPS in a meaningful way.

Our team designed a customer listening program to capture customer needs, expectations, and struggles. Then, we used in-depth VoC data and speech analytics to identify which CX adjustments would land the biggest impact.

Ultimately, we designed a full NPS improvement program that increased the client’s NPS scores almost immediately—and it will boost customer loyalty for years to come.

Business Problem

As competition increases, brands need to develop experiences that separate them from competitors. Many business leaders know raising NPS can help. What brand leaders sometimes miss is that meaningful NPS improvements—ones that drive customer loyalty and growth—require a systemic approach. To continuously exceed customer expectations, brands need to actively listen to customers, analyze VoC data, upgrade CX, and listen more—rinse and repeat.

Our client was collecting plenty of consumer data, but its team wasn’t gathering the right data to understand their customers’ most important experiences. Worse yet, they could see what friction points were limiting customer loyalty. Without a clear vision of its customers’ experiences, the organization’s different branches were handcuffed—left siloed, unsure of what action to take, and lacking a unified direction.

How Andrew Reise Helped

Andrew Reise started by designing and launching a global customer listening program. This program used speech analytics to draw in data from the contact center and package it into clear insights describing the customer’s experience. We used this VoC data to develop personas and give employees across branches a shared vision of who their customers are—along with their customer’s biggest needs.

Next, we identified critical touchpoints, set up KPIs, and conducted predictive driver analytics to identify opportunities to improve customer experiences. Ultimately, our team created a complete VoC NPS program, including a CX strategic initiative roadmap, a client dashboard, and KPIs that are helping the client’s team stay ahead of customer needs.


Developing an NPS Program with VoC Data and Speech Analytics


Launching a customer listening program to draw in insights.

Our team dug into extensive research in order to understand customer needs, desires, and struggles. We launched a full customer listening program that included an annual relationship survey to measure NPS, satisfaction, and ease of service for 12 of our client’s business segments across the globe.

Executing an NPS plan to elevate experiences.

After conducting research to establish an NPS baseline and pinning down YoY trends, our team dug into the predictive drivers of NPS. We used speech analytics to anticipate what conditions and interactions would increase customer satisfaction the most. We also identified the most critical touchpoints influencing customer experiences.

Tying it all together with a CX strategic roadmap.

In order to not only increase NPS scores but also propel meaningful customer loyalty and growth, our team mapped out a CX strategic roadmap—including three years of improvement initiatives. We also built out a dashboard with KPIs to promote ongoing CX upgrades. This new system closed the feedback loop, allowing our client to listen to the customer, anticipate needs, take action, measure the results, and continuously improve CX.

Results Achieved

In addition to obtaining an NPS foundation, YoY trends, and predictive NPS drivers, our client achieved immediate CX improvements:

  • 11-point increase in U.S. NPS scores
  • 6-point global NPS increase in year 1 alone
  • 3 percent increase in products, solutions, and service satisfaction
  • 3-year roadmap of improvement initiatives

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