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Exploring the Connection Between Quality and Employee Experience

January 23, 2024 | | Contact Center

For customer-facing organizations, call centers serve as frontline ambassadors to deliver outstanding customer experiences, resolve issues, and build strong customer relationships. To achieve these ideals, a robust quality assurance program (QA) in call centers is indispensable. 

Quality assurance goes beyond ensuring customer satisfaction; it also offers operational insights and enhances the employee experience (EX). Let’s delve into the connection between QA and EX, the multifaceted benefits of quality assurance in call centers, and the best practices that contribute to a positive employee experience.

The QA and EX Connection 

Quality assurance in call centers serves as the foundation for not only enhancing customer satisfaction, but also nurturing a positive employee experience. It's a two-fold strategy that involves identifying and applauding the best-performing agents while providing guidance and coaching to those who need it. This synergy fosters transparency, empowerment, and incentives, creating a virtuous cycle that benefits both the agents and the customers they serve.


Key Benefits of QA to EX in Call Centers

Here’s how a robust quality assurance program will create more positive EX in call centers:

Continuous Feedback and Improvement

QA processes involve monitoring and evaluating agent interactions with customers. The feedback generated through these assessments provides agents with insights into their performance, enabling them and their leaders to identify areas for improvement. This perpetual learning and growth can enhance job satisfaction and boost agent confidence.

Clear Performance Expectations

Eighty-seven percent of call center employees rate their stress levels as “high” or “very high.”  QA sets clear and measurable performance expectations to mitigate this stress. When agents understand the metrics by which they are evaluated, it reduces ambiguity, contributing to a more positive working environment. 

Enhanced Collaboration and Transparency

When call scoring and performance evaluations are shared openly with agents, it demystifies the evaluation process and empowers them to self-improve. Agents gain a clear understanding of what's working and what's not, enabling them to take ownership of their performance. 

QA processes also promote communication between agents and supervisors. It fosters a collaborative atmosphere in which agents can ask questions, seek guidance, and share best practices. Collaboration and teamwork contribute to a more pleasant working environment and a better EX. The resulting transparency also builds trust and fosters a collaborative relationship between agents and management, further enhancing EX.

Consistency in Service Delivery

QA ensures that all agents adhere to the organization's service standards and protocols. When customers receive a uniform level of service, it reduces the chances of conflict or dissatisfaction, making agents' jobs more predictable and manageable.

Improved Job Security

Agents who receive regular feedback and training are better equipped to meet their targets and contribute to the organization's success. This can translate to improved job security and reduced turnover, as agents are more likely to feel valued and secure in their positions.


Best Practices for Positive EX in Call Centers

It’s possible to design a QA program that actively improves EX. Follow these best practices to create a QA programs that promotes positive EX:

Identifying and Celebrating Greatness

QA programs in call centers are designed to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of call center agents. They evaluate communication skills, issue resolution, script adherence, and more. Through this process, managers can identify top-performing agents who consistently deliver exceptional service. 

Recognizing and celebrating their greatness motivates the high-achieving agents and sets a benchmark for others to aspire to. This recognition is a vital aspect of EX as it boosts morale and creates a culture of achievement and quality.

Coaching for Improvement

QA isn't just about pointing out the shortcomings; it's also a powerful tool for identifying areas in which agents can improve. Regular feedback and coaching sessions help agents address their weaknesses, refine their skills, and enhance their performance. 

This commitment to agent development is a critical component of a positive EX. When agents feel that their employer invests in their growth and provides the necessary tools and support to succeed, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated.

To help agents improve, use QA to identify areas in which agents may need further training or coaching. Then provide them with targeted, individualized development opportunities. This helps them grow professionally and demonstrates that the organization is invested in their career progression, leading to higher levels of job satisfaction.

Ongoing Support

Today’s business world is anything but static, and companies are constantly experiencing change. New products, new markets, changing customer expectations, and competitive threats are just a few of the changes that can happen and drive the need for contact center agents to take on new skills and responsibilities. Providing ongoing training and support designed to keep agents up to date can greatly improve EX.

A robust QA program will uncover hidden talents and skills among agents. It will create pathways for career progression, leading to opportunities to take on more challenging roles within the call center.

Incentives for Success

Beyond coaching and feedback, QA data should be used to introduce incentive strategies. Agents who consistently perform well should be rewarded for their efforts. Incentives—whether they are financial bonuses, schedule options, or other perks—motivate agents to maintain high standards and continuously improve. This not only boosts EX by making agents feel appreciated, but also directly impacts customer satisfaction by ensuring consistently outstanding service.


Elevate Employee Experiences Even More

With the right strategy, businesses can create quality assurance programs that improve experiences for both customers and employees. In turn, organizations can drive down turnover, lower costs, increase productivity, and surpass their call center goals. But that’s not the only way to improve EX. Read our article, “5 Ways to Evolve Your Employee Experience Strategy,” to learn the secrets to developing better employee experiences across your organization.