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How To Create A Customer Experience Framework in 10 Steps

July 21, 2022 | | Customer Experience Strategy, Customer Experience, Business Case, Strategy, Program and Project Management, Business

Deliver the right customer experience for your company.

Our strategy development framework encompasses best practices that help you develop a roadmap and business case to deliver the right customer experience for your company. In our years of working with Fortune 500 companies, we have developed a 10-step process to lead your strategy development framework. Here is an outline of each step and what you can expect to achieve along the way.


01 ANALYZE YOUR BRAND PROMISE This foundational step in the strategy development process will help you identify and understand your company’s brand promise and how it is differentiated from the competition. RESULTS:
Project team alignment and understanding of corporate brand promise
Clear direction on what the team has set out to accomplish
Initial ideas on how to enhance your customer experience
02 LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER We help you gain valuable customer insight
– understanding the exact needs, wants, expectations and influencers of your customers and identify common themes, major issues, and opportunity areas.
Overall “voice of the customer” for your company
Insights into customer needs, wants, and preferences
Understanding of key customer metrics to be used for measurement/business case
03 MAP THE CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE We will create a map of your customer lifecycle to help you establish an end-to-end model helping you connect all the dots. We define each phase of the lifecycle and the detailed customer activities of each phase. RESULTS:
Detailed Customer Lifecycle map
Current state documented and understood by all stakeholders
Clearly documented and understood pain
points, issues and brand gaps
04 MAP THE EXPERIENCE ECOSYSTEM The four layers of this process help identify issues and/or opportunities that improve or detract the customer experience. We assemble a cross-functional team to create documented PAID diagrams that provide an overall view of each element and illustrate gaps between ideal customer experience and internal business capabilities. RESULTS:
Documented PAID diagrams that align people, process, and technology capabilities to the end-to-end customer experience
Gaps between the ideal customer experience and current capabilities
05 INVENTORY CUSTOMER TOUCH POINTS With touch point inventory, we capture every customer interaction and map the ecosystem components to each touch point. This step provides a baseline to start designing the ideal experience. RESULTS:
Quantifiable view of the customer experience ecosystem
Clear view of how individual components of the ecosystem influence the customer experience
06 CAPABILITY MATURITY ASSESSMENT We offer you a better understanding of your organization’s capability health. We conduct an assessment of more than 50 strategic, operational, analytical, leadership and technology capabilities and assign a maturity score for your current state, desired future state, and perceived competitors’ offerings. RESULTS:
Understanding of your organization’s “capability health” and desired future state
Ideas and opportunity areas for improvement
07 FUTURE STATE VISIONING Through facilitated sessions using specific materials and mapping techniques, we work with you to think beyond your day-to-day challenges and envision new ways to profitably interact with customers. We will co-create new ideas that deliver value for your customer and your company. RESULTS:
• Future State Vision Summary
• Mapping of future state definition to company
value drivers and metrics
This phase makes pragmatic recommendations and offers a prioritized list of initiatives you can implement to improve overall customer experience. We will rationalize and group common projects and provide a high-level
cost vs. benefit analysis for each initiative.
• Prioritization list of initiatives that can be implemented to improve overall customer experience
• High-level cost/benefit analysis for each initiative
09 DEVELOP THE BUSINESS CASE A solid business case will show the relationship between strategic recommendations and key business metrics. We develop a detailed business case for all or a key set of high-priority initiatives and help you gather input from important stakeholders so you can provide estimates for cost, benefits, and timelines to move forward. RESULTS:
• Detailed cost, benefit, and timeline estimate that will be used to secure program funding/approval
10 CREATE ROADMAP AND EXECUTE Ultimately, the roadmap depicts the entire customer experience journey and the path to accomplish your goals. We create an implementation roadmap that includes a high level timeline, phases, and key milestones, and create an executive presentation that outlines the clear problem statement of burning platform, highlights key findings, clearly articulates the need to implement the roadmap, and quantifies financial benefits.

• Customer Experience Roadmap
• Executive Presentation

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