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Your company’s success is only as good as the strategies put in place to deliver your products or services. Today’s companies need to factor in the role and importance of technology and digitalization when developing business strategies. Companies are expected to develop digitally-powered strategies that are unique and can give them a competitive edge over competitors.
We at Andrew Reise help you develop easy, economical and digitally-powered strategies that allow you to work seamlessly across functions to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Our team will help you develop Digital, E-Commerce, Sales and Corporate strategies that will help you improve business performance, build better consumer relationships, increase sales, meet business goals and meet the organization’s vision.

Strategy Services

CX Strategy

Connect with your customer by understanding their experience and relationship with your organization.

Digital Strategy

Leveraging technology to drive results and improve business performance.

VoC Strategy

Listening to customer wants, needs, expectations, likes and dislikes to gain insights build a better relationship with your customer.

Sales Strategy

Positioning your organization's salesforce in a meaningful way to meet business goals.

Corporate Strategy

Implementing an action plan to match the organization's vision of tomorrow.

E-Commerce Strategy

Increasing your organization's sales by understanding everything about your customers.



Articles on Customer Experience, Digital, VoC, Sales, Corporate, and E-Commerce Strategy from industry experts.

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I don’t doubt you know how to build a business case for a customer experience initiative, or even the business case for a full-blown CX strategy. If not, you no doubt have people you work with who can cover all the main steps. I’m confident
What is the single most important thing I can do to move the needle on our customer experience (CX)? It’s a question clients frequently ask us. It’s also one that is likely best answered with more questions. For starters, are you looking for a CX



Articles on Customer Experience, Digital, VoC, Sales, Corporate, and E-Commerce Strategy from industry experts.

Strategy Case Studies

Through our Customer Experience Strategy Development Framework, we determined the most critical interactions, or “Moments of Truth,” customers have with their health insurance carrier. This new way of thinking informed us on how health plans fit into individual’s lives during stressful and emotional life changing events. The end result was a Customer Experience Strategy that included tactical initiatives and a roadmap to deliver a simpler, more personalized customer experience. This project has been so successful, people have gone, well, a little nutty. When our client was having a bad day, we left her a candy bar with a special note. She said we made her day. That made ours.

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Andrew Reise assisted a large financial services company create and deliver a workforce planning solution across more than 6,000 offices. The scope of the program included design, development, and implementation of a solution which enabled field leaders to effectively deploy over 60,000 retail professionals. This initiative represented approximately $500 million in workforce resources, which were consequently available to provide service at optimal times for their clients.

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A client tapped us to help them implement their new brand promise: providing customer service that would differentiate them from the competition. For two years we were an integral part of their team, working to achieve what ultimately was a huge success. Together, we were able to implement eight new customer-centric offerings that would further differentiate the company as a customer experience leader. Not surprisingly, when you work with someone for a while, you become friends. When our client (friend) was looking for a vintage jersey for his son, we found one.

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