Using Customer Feedback

to Improve Experiences

Listening to the Voice of your Customers (VoC) is a vital step to Customer Satisfaction. Any company striving to build a loyal customer base and deliver value must make appropriate use of VoC. It is all about capturing customers’ sentiments and feedback, use it to solve their challenges, prioritize improvements and satisfy clients by driving better experiences with regards to Brands, Products, and Services.

Andrew Reise understands the importance of VoC. By working with your organization, we can assess the current state and needs in order to formulate a VoC vision that accurately captures your needs. We can help you develop efficient methods of feedback collection and analysis, as well as develop strategies and frameworks that close the loop responding to customers’ feedback by developing products and services that prove that their feedback has been heard and acted upon.

VoC Services

Current State Assessment

Assess the current state of the organization and formulate the VoC vision.

VoC Analysis

Conduct workshops in addition to internal assessments in order to produce a comprehensive understanding of current state VOC capabilities, gaps and opportunities, and associated requirements gathering.

Omni Channel Strategy Development

Identification of New Channels for Feedback Collection. Omni-Channel Strategy & Framework. VOC Strategy Documentation. Alignment of Existing Adjacent and Complementary Solutions.

VoC Design and Development

Produce future state designs for key components of the VOC solution. Feedback collection points across channels and information domain areas will be designed and prototyped

Enterprise Feedback

Create and/or modify listening posts including surveys, comment cards, etc.

VoC Training

Train and transition the new VoC system back to the organization for minimal disruption.

Voice of Customer


VoC insights to help you understand VoC capabilities and opportunities.

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Sooner or later, every company has a come-to-Jesus moment where it’s suddenly, painfully clear that the organization has gone off track. In some cases, it’s when a company that prided itself on innovation starts cutting prices in a desperate bid to goose sales. That strategy can lead to a
What is the single most important thing I can do to move the needle on our customer experience (CX)? It’s a question clients frequently ask us. It’s also one that is likely best answered with more questions.

VoC Case Studies

A large specialty insurance provider wanted to gain clarity on the critical moments that drive loyalty. Andrew Reise helped create both the member and agent lifecycles with validation through qualitative and quantitative research. The research findings were mapped across the lifecycles and uncovered clear opportunities for business growth. As a result, the insurer is positioned with a new voice of member and agent strategy that captured the right feedback at the right time to uncover ongoing insights in the moments that mattered most.

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A large specialty insurance provider looked to elevate the member and agent experiences while simultaneously growing the business. Although the company was measuring NPS and had scores higher than industry peers, this wasn’t translating into higher revenue. Our team used our strategic CX measurement methodology to identify what metrics to use and what touchpoints to measure to resolve this dilemma.

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Andrew Reise assisted a large BCBS health plan to develop an enterprise wide VoC program and evaluate technology providers to support their business needs. The project effort focused on evaluating current VoC capabilities and defining business requirements to assess technology vendors. These were used to gain cross functional alignment and develop the ideal future state. An RFP was conducted to assess and score several enterprise VoC vendors. This project provide our client with a VoC program roadmap, an enterprise VoC technology platform best suited to meet the business needs and allowed them to rationalize their existing vendors to reduce costs.

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