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When the culture of an organization doesn’t put the customer first, its brand inevitably suffers. But customer experience transformation is easier said than done. A recent Forrester Research report states how Andrew Reise Consulting and 13 other firms make it easier and faster for organizations to obsess about their customers. We know how important customer-obsessed culture is, and how hard it can be to make such transformation happen. That’s partly why we use a mix of brand-aligned strategy with future-state journey mapping.


In “Market Overview: Where To Get Help With Culture Transformation,” Forrester Research Senior Analyst Sam Stern (Forrester Research, Inc., August, 2014) shows how:

  • Even companies that weren’t founded on customer obsession used CX transformation to increase revenue, profits, and industry-specific metrics by switching their focus to consistent, high-quality experiences that result in loyalty.
  • Three pitfalls typically derail transformation — think lack of clear direction, loss of interest, or not all employees being 100% dedicated to customer obsession — which are all opportunities to learn from others’ mistakes.
  • The top consultancies know where to look in an organization to ferret out cultural roadblocks, such as disconnects between sales and service, and how to model a transformation’s ROI to make the business case.


One of our recent blog posts (Three Examples of How to Rally Around Your Customers) discusses what happened when organizations such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan rallied around their customers.


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